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2024/02/09 22:05

Overseas Shopping Guide

Viking Market is an online store run by the Japan Viking Association.
We mainly handle own jewelry and leather products made by Tomoki Motoyama and Megumi Motoyama of the Japan Viking Association, but we also handle products from fellow artists and ship them overseas.
Please enjoy handmade Viking items by Japanese craftsmen.

【 Language 】
At the bottom of the page, you can change the language and pricing to English.
If you change the language, the shopping cart format will be in English.
We also recommend using Google Translate as the product description is not in English.

【 Delivery 】
Delivery will be transported by Japan Post registered mail. You can check the shipping cost to your country on each product page.
Countries that cannot be handled by Japan Post are not currently listed on the online store. We apologize for any inconvenience, but please contact us. We will make sure if there is a better shipping method.
▶︎ motoyama@japanvikings.com

【 Delivery Time 】
We usually ship within 5 days after receiving your shipping request. 
Products with special delivery dates, such as made-to-order leather products, will take the number of days listed on each product page.
Usually, it will be delivered to various parts of the world in about 7 to 14 business days from the day after shipping.
Please note that there may be delays due to customs clearance or reduced flights, so please use the number of days as a guide only.

【 Payment 】
We can take payment in the following ways.
・Amazon Pay
・Bank Transfer

【 Imported Goods 】
Viking Market also handles imported items, but large imported items are not shipped overseas. For products that cannot be shipped overseas, we will indicate  *Please note that not this product is available for shipping outside Japan.*  at the beginning of the description.

【 Duties and Taxes 】
Please note import duties, taxes, and charges are not included in the price of our items. 
Depending on the destination country of the order, you may have to pay the additional fees to your government.
 Please check with customes within your local country for details.

To all friends who love Vikings

Thank you for your interest in our site.
I am Tomoaki Motoyama, the representative of the Japan Viking Association. Together with my wife Megumi Motoyama, we are making Viking-designed jewelry and inspired leather goods our selves. 

Fotevikens Museum in Scandinavia, which I first visited in 2000. Meeting re-enactors who recreate the Viking Age was a great shock for me and a major turning point in my life.
Since then, I have continued to work as a re-enactor by visiting Scandinavia many times, and in 2017 I founded the Japan Viking Association. Now, we are gradually spreading Viking culture through markets and talk events so that people in Japan can learn more about Vikings and enjoy them.
Through Vikings, I have met good friends from many countries, and the days we have enjoyed together have been irreplaceable to me, and I am truly grateful.

We absolutely love Viking culture. We would be really happy if our friends who also love the Vikings, even if they are far away, could feel the Vikings through our jewelry and leather products. We hope that someday we can Skål together.
We hope our products will help you enjoy your time.

Tomoaki Motoyama / Megumi Motoyama
Japan Viking Association

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